Scholarship Home Page

Welcome to the Scholarship Page!

Please read all directions carefully.          
All local scholarships are listed on the index page.
The scholarships are listed by name with a brief description of qualifications, amount and deadline date.
The names that are underlined have a direct link to the online application.
This year all scholarship forms are in Adobe Reader,
if you don’t have Adobe Reader you will be able to download and install the program.

Acrobat Reader Downloads
Applications MUST be done in the Adobe Reader format or on the print form from the Guidance Office
- other forms of the applications will NOT be accepted.
1. Click on the underlined names and their application screen will appear.
2. You can NOT save your work, you will have to do it all at one time.
It is recommended that you print out a copy of the application first so that you know the space available for your answers.
3. Go back and type in your answers.
If you need extra space for any of the applications you may attach a page (be sure your name, name of
scholarship and the question are on the extra page).
Additional pages MUST be typed.
4. Print out the final copy.
5. Make sure all REQUIRED ITEMS ARE ATTACHED when you
turn in the application to the high school guidance office or mail to the
appropriate address by the deadline date as incomplete application will
NOT be considered.
The guidance department will NOT check for missing information.


**Regular paper copies of most all local scholarships are available in the Guidance Office if you prefer. They MUST be typed **


Click here---List for Graduating Class of 2011 & Community.